Two friends turned entrepreneurs, Poorni Fonseka and Vanessa Stevenson recently held a media briefing in Colombo about their venture Box Up which is a service that is aimed at sending goods to Sri Lanka from Australia fast and at affordable rates.
Speaking at the event which coincided with their first anniversary, co-founder Poorni Fonseka said: “From your child’s cereal to grandmother’s vitamins, we can send you anything you want from Australia for an affordable rate. We will do the shopping for you, box up and send the goods right to your doorstep.”

A customer can place orders by logging in to their website or by emailing The website features a catalog of products that a customer can browse through and select from. If the customer wants a specific product from a specific store, Box Up will shop for it for the customer and send it across to Sri Lanka.

“We know a problem that a lot of Sri Lankan online shoppers face is that a lot of stores and vendors, including those on eBay, don’t ship to Sri Lanka,” Fonseka said.

She added: “We can purchase it on your behalf and send it to Sri Lank. There are lots of small-time online stores in Ausi that have beautiful clothes and shoes etc., so hereafter if you come across anything nice and if they don’t ship to Sri Lanka, we are right here to help you. Think of us as your friend is Australia.”

Fonseka said the highest demand so far has been for food items, especially cheese. Box Up had a pop-up store last week at Sooriya Village in Colombo 04.