Aries (Mesha):  A deep sense of self-respect and self-honour will keep the native away from actions and activity considered below his dignity. Planetary influences fortify him with acumen and the capability of taking balanced decisions. The exalted Sun -Mercury combination placed in the Lagna continues to bestow on him drive, dynamism and a positive outlook. Meanwhile, exalted Venus continuing transit in the 12th House imbues the native with a keen perception and a pragmatic outlook.

Taurus (Vrushabha):  Mars disciplined by Jupiter’s special aspect leads you to productive action while imbuing you with a new surge of energy, confidence and a positive outlook. Artistes fall into high income bracket.  Meanwhile, a sound financial position is assured by Lagnadhipati Venus exalted in the 11th Ayasthana. However, natives going through the Rahu Maha Dasa are likely to face problems relating to their residence.

Gemini (Mithuna):  Those running the Jupiter Maha Dasa can look forward to moving into a new or more comfortable residence. The patronage of ruling authorities, business prosperity and material gains are among the benefits held out by the Lagnadhipati Mercury – exalted Sun combination in the 11th House. A high office in the state service or a rise in the career is on the cards for those befitting such eventuality.

Cancer (Kataka): Natives are going through a very favourable spell thanks to a rare auspicious planetary line-up assuring high gains from whatever activity they are engaged in. Political high office or a post carrying commanding power is on the cards for natives befitting such high position. Meanwhile, Venus already in the 9th Bhagyasthana holds out an enhanced income, higher status and general prosperity.

Leo (Simha): Time has come for you to chart your life path to reach new heights which however calls for foresight and restraint.  Lagnadhipati Sun in the Aries sign in your 9th Bhagyasthana holds out a prosperous New Year for you. Mars in the 10th House brings fame and success to those holding political and military office in particular. You will continue to enjoy high profits from partnerships and longevity thanks to the exalted Venus producing the effects of Sarala Yoga.

Virgo (Kanya) : You have to develop a more down-to-earth attitude rather than being too philosophical.  Sun exalted in the 8th House can confer on you wealth and success in all undertakings while relieving you of fears from any quarter. Lagnadhipati Mercury conjunct with the Sun augments this favourable position. You have to be mindful of your safety when travelling.Your Lagna strong with Jupiter posited in it coming under the direct beneficial aspect of exalted Venus strengthens your personality.

Libra (Thula): Your Lagna strengthened by the direct aspect of the Sun and Mercury enables you to meet challenges with confidence.  Gains from foreign sources and foreign honours and happiness from spouse are indicated for those in appropriate circumstances. Fame and higher status are in the offing for natives in foreign service if their Dasas are also favourable. High gains are indicated for those in business partnerships.

Scorpio (Vrushika): A powerful Sun in the 6th House can bring enhanced power and authority, a very favourable position for those holding or seeking high political office. Meanwhile the exalted Venus in the 5th House can confer honours and recognition on artistes and academics. Jupiter in the 11th Ayasthana continues to assure a steady income. You have to be wary of circumstances which could cause disharmony in the family.

Sagittarius (Dhanu):  Saturn in the Lagna would give you a melancholy disposition for no plausible reason. Rajayoga- producing Sun- Mercury combination in the 5th House continues to hold out success and high achievements. Great success await those engaged in higher studies and highly competitive and challenging tasks and pursuits. Enhanced living comforts, peace of mind, success in educational pursuits, happiness in the family and maternal bliss are in store for you.

Capricorn (Makara): You have to pay special attention to your health as you are prone to disease. An exalted Venus in the 2nd House continues to hold out peace, harmony and happiness in the family circle and adequate financial means to meet requirements for a comfortable living.  A powerful Sun in the 4th House can confer on you living comforts, luxuries and comfortable conveyances and a leadership position among the relatives. You are advised to hold strong emotions and passions in check.

Aquarius (Kumbha): You are assured of a sound financial position. A very favourable time is ahead for natives active in the field of mass communications. Natives holding political and executive office can look forward to enhanced power and authority. However, Mars in your 4th House points to the possibility of getting embroiled in disputes with close relatives. An exalted Venus in the 2nd House signifies happiness and peace in the family.

Pisces (Meena): You are likely to experience a pull towards activity that gives you a sense of adventure and sheer thrill from the risks involved. While exalted Venus continuing transit in the Lagna assures happiness and prosperity as well as physical and mental wellbeing, Sun in the2nd House with exalted status and Mars in the 3rd House hold out increased wealth as well as power and influence. Marital prospects are very bright for the young unmarried.