Congratulations to the Badi- ud-din Mahmud Girls’ College Netballers who   won the Aladdin Trophy and Rs. 50,000. This tournament drew 13 teams from the Central Province Tamil schools, which was played at the Badi- ud- din College courts. The 2nd place went to Zahira College Gampola and the 3rd place to Al Ashar College Akurana.  The teams who participated are Badi- ud-din Mahmud Girls’ College, Al Ashar College, Akurana Balika ,  Zahira National School, Zahira College, Gampola, Fatima Balika, Enasalgolla Central , Delthota Muslim School, Maberithenna Vidyalaya, Madina National School, Roman Catholic College Atabage, Welamboda MMV and  Gampola Muslim School.  It was a great day and a spectacular netball competition which showed a lot of talent, and a big hand should go to the school which hosted the tournament, all participating teams enjoyed the treatment, and a big hand should go to the person who was involved in the venue arrangements, Shehana Rahim and her staff.