Shirendra Lawrence celebrates after being awarded with the winner’s Trophy in the Super Sport Class at the Prince Lubricants Caterham Motorsport 2016 Championship

Shirendra Lawrence was recently presented with the winner’s Trophy for the Super sport class of thePrince Lubricants Caterham Motorsport 2016 Championship.  Making the award at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia,  Campbell Tupling, CEO of Caterham Motorsport South East Asia said, “Shirendra’s commitment and focus remained razor sharp throughout the series, and I am delighted that it paid off with the championship title”.  Also commenting, Caterham Group Chairman Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said, “Bringing the Caterham Motorsport Championship to Asia was no easy task and having competitors with the experience and passion of Shirendra in the series has added a lot of value”.

The Caterham Seven is widely known as the most raced car in the world.  The ‘Super sport’ raced by Shirendra, develops 260bhp/tonne, accelerating it from standstill to 100 km/h in less than five seconds, powering it to a top speed of over 200 km/h.
All cars used in this competition are race prepared by the Caterham factory in the UK and shipped to Asia.  The cars are identical and even tyres are specified, ensuring that experience and skill are the differentiators between the competitors.  The 2016 competition was carried out in 10 races over five gruelling events in Malaysia and Thailand.

Shirendra is no stranger to motorsport and has competed extensively in Sri Lanka, as well as in the UK, India, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand.   He has also been involved in motorsport organizationas a Committee Member for many years and Past President of the Ceylon Motor Sports Club.   He currently serves as a member of the Advisory Board of Hellibees Racing in Sri Lanka, which aims to develop and promote young Sri Lankan Motorsport talent.

Shirendra will again be competing in the Caterham Motorsport Championship this year, which is being conducted in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.  At the first 2017 event at Sepang International Circuit he was unfortunately unable to restart his engine following a collision in the first race, but delivered podium finishes in the second and third races to recover somewhat to fourth position overall, behind Malaysian Halim Mu’Azzam, Bulgarian Ivan Petovand Frenchman Jean Charles Dahout.  With this year’s series being conducted over 12 races, there is still time to do better,but Shirendra will have to put his best effort inif he is to repeat his 2016 result.