Abdul Razak and Sunil Senaweera were elected for the 20th time as   President and   Secretary at the Gampola Football League annual general meeting. This   may be the first time that same two faces holding these two positions in Gampola. Both Razak and Senaweera have given their best for the poor man’s game.

Razak played football for St. Paul’s College and Kandy Young Olympians FC.  Senaweera learnt his football at Zahira College Gampola, he later played for Gampola United SC and later formed a club call Red Sun SC.  He is a well-known AFC and FIFA referee and match commissioner.

The Committee Patrons are Rizmi Reyal, Rizwan Khan, Mohamed Uwais, President A. Razak,  Vice Presidents M. Naizer, SBSamarakoon, M. Farween, M. Razeen, M. Fazal, Secretary Sunil Senaweera  Assistant Secretary Rukshan Nazar, Treasurer M. Suslan and Assistant Treasurer M. Nilam