The Sun is due to enter Aries, the first sign in the Zodiac (Mesha) leaving Pisces, the last point in the last sign in the Zodiac circle at 2.04 am on April 14 marking the dawn of the National New Year which is incidentally beginning of the Year 1939 in the Shaka calendar.

Predicting what awaits individuals

The Sun’s annual ingress into Aries is considered an event of much astrological significance as the configuration of planets at the moment of this occurrence holds the key to unravelling what the ensuing twelve months have in store for the entire world or a particular nation or for a particular individual. Predicting the future events and happenings in the world at large or for a particular nation is based on the principles of a separate branch of Astrology called Mundane Astrology.  However, we in the present context are concerned about the possible events and fortunes and misfortunes in store for the individuals going by the Ascendants or Lagnas they have been born into, in terms of the principles of Natal Astrology.

High office for Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius natives

The planetary configuration at the moment of Sun’s ingress into Aries is very favourable for the subjects of Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Aquarius who are holding or seeking high political, military or executive office in particular. However, their current Dasas should be favourable for them to reap the benefits in full measure.

The exalted Sun in the Lagna at the dawn of the New Year makes the Aries natives very energetic, dynamic and proactive. They make good leaders. The leadership qualities and the other attributes of Aries natives would manifest in whatever activity they are engaged in.  The exalted Sun in the Lagna gives an imperious personality to these natives.  However, if they are to become popular, they have to cultivate humility and simplicity.

Career success, fame and foreign travel

As for the Cancer natives, the exalted Sun is to be posited in their 10th Karmasthana which is a very auspicious position that bestows on them career success, fame and gainful foreign travel.
For the Scorpio natives, the Sun will begin transiting in their 6th House at the dawn of New Year and an exalted Sun is very powerful in the 6th House and is capable of conferring power, influence and authority. This position also fortifies the natives with invincibility – a whip hand over their rivals and enemies.

Immense power and influence

The Sun powerful in the 3rd House will bring immense power and influence and success to Aquarius natives as well.
Aries natives are vulnerable to disease, but this unfavourable position will end by mid-September this year.

Prosperity, higher status and foreign travel for Leo

For the Leo natives, a year of prosperity lies ahead. They are fortunate to have an exalted Sun in the 9th Bhagyasthana and an exalted Venus in the 10th Karmasthana raising the prospect of a rise in career possibly in the state service.  They can look forward to enhanced living comforts, higher status, general happiness and gainful foreign travel as well.

Increased wealth for Taurus, Gemini and Virgo

Both Taurus and Gemini natives can look forward to a sound financial situation in the year to come. New avenues of income may open up for them in the course of the year. Mars in the Lagna renders the Taurus natives vulnerable to accidents that could cause head injuries. Therefore, they have to pay special attention to their personal safety until the end of May this year when Mars is due to move into Gemini.

Love, romance and marital happiness for Virgo and Pisces

Unforeseen inheritances, increased wealth and high returns from investments are in store for Virgo natives while both Virgo and Pisces can look forward to love, romance and marital happiness in the New Year.

Gains from foreign sources and gainful foreign travels are strongly indicated for the Libra natives.

Recognition for academics, artistes and writers

Both Sagittarius and Capricorn natives who are active in the academic, literary, art and literary fields will gain honours and high recognition.

Meanwhile, enhanced living comforts, success in educational pursuits and acquisition of residential property and conveyances await the Capricorn natives.