The fine  imposed on mosquito breeders will henceforth be Rs 5000. The current fine is only Rs 1000.

The evaluation concerning the minimum charge which is soon to be introduced is presently in the final stages of completion at the Attorney General’s Department, the National Dengue Control Unit confirmed.

The Unit pointed out that over the past three months alone there had been 28,575 cases of dengue reported in the country, with Colombo (6500 cases), Gampaha, Kalutara, Galle, Hambantota, Matara, Jaffna, Batticaloa and Trincomalee being the districts with the highest reported number of cases.
The death toll is 53.
Currently, the National Mosquito Control Week  is in operation, with 475,000 premises being inspected.

Community Specialist at the Unit, Dr. Priscilla Samaraweera said that 100,000 potential mosquito breeding sites had been identified while 10,000 mosquito larvae locations have been discovered, resulting in 3500 prosecutions.

Dr. Samaraweera added the apathy displayed by society at large in keeping premises clean was the main contributory factor.
Owing to the existence of different types of viral fevers spreading at present in the country, she advised members of the public affected by fever for two consecutive days not to neglect their health and instead consult a doctor.