The Ministry of Provincial Councils and Local Government has expressed confidence that they could submit the Local Authorities Elections (Amendment) Bill to the Cabinet in two weeks.
The incorporated Local Government authorities include the number of members for each Local Government body.

Legal Officer of the Legal Division of the Ministry, Attorney-at-Law Gayani Premathilake pointed out that the amendments to the constitutional orders of the local authorities would include the facilitation of 25 per cent representation of females, members elected under the ward system and the proportional representation system which is 30 per cent.

It is reported elsewhere that the Delimitation Review Committee’s report is yet to be gazetted. The gazette notification (number 2006/44) issued on  February 17, 2017, contains the due boundaries following the revision of 1036 boundaries. In 133 Local Government bodies, there has been no revision of the boundaries.

On the question of 52 revisions being made to the current Act in relation to the Local Government elections, she added that the Attorney General had put forward three or four certified amendments, which the Legal Draftsman’s Department had to now incorporate and send the final draft of the Bill to the Ministry.