Lawyers are claiming that the legislation had reached a common understanding with regard to the repeal of Article 16 in that a commission would be appointed to hold discussions with those affected by the said Article and the local Personal laws.

A period of three years would be granted for the process of bringing about amendments to the Personal laws, namely the Kandyan law, the Muslim law and the Thesawalamai law. The commission would be submitting a report in this regard. On  the question of the process involving the drafting of constitutional reforms, Chairman of the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reforms, Attorney-at-Law Lal Wijenayake explained that the Steering Committee was drafting a white paper of sorts pertaining to the matter.

The Steering Committee was appointed by the Constitutional Assembly and the former is going through the six sub-committee reports on fundamental rights, the judiciary, law and order, public finance, public service and centre periphery relations.

“It is not a draft of a Constitution but will contain what a constitution should contain such as for example, the nature of the State”, Wijenayake said.

It is expected to be tabled in Parliament in early May.