Do you dream of a worry-free retirement where you don’t have to depend on anyone? Have you kept most things on your wish-list to be done after you retire? If so, then you are not alone. Most of us are so busy during our working years that we look forward to a leisurely retirement full of everything we’ve ever wanted to do. But more often than not, we are in for a rude shock. Why? Because we failed to plan.

Most people don’t plan for their retirement and even if they do, they don’t plan properly. Gone are the days when a lump sum from your ETF or other savings at retirement is sufficient for you and your family to live comfortably. Life expectancy has increased, so you could end up living a good 25-30 years as a retiree, which can potentially be the best time of your life! However, you need to be prepared for the increasing cost of living and ensure you bridge the pension gap between what you will have and what you will need to live comfortably. That is why you’ll need a continuously growing pension in retirement that can help you face inflation. Remember, you’ll need to start saving early and regularly to build a solid investment for retirement and the sooner you start, the better!

And what about your family? Have you thought about how they will manage if you are no longer around? You’ll need to ensure their financial security in your absence while giving them a reliable monthly income which can counter inflation, so they can carry on with the lifestyle they are used to.

AIA’s Pensions Premier Gold was carefully conceived with all of this mind, to offer a solution which stays with and grows with the family in providing support for retirement. Initially, it helps you save for retirement in a disciplined manner, delivering a sizable nest-egg for when you retire. Upon retirement, you can withdraw and use the lump sum. Better still you can keep it with AIA to generate an annually increasing monthly pension.

In the event you die before your expected retirement, AIA will not only pay the death benefit but also continue paying your premiums, so your fund will continue to grow. And if you pass away after retiring, your family will continue to receive the monthly pension income. So whatever, happens, rest assured your family will always have a security to fall back on, in your absence.

Have we got you thinking about your retirement yet? Good. Because the sooner you think, the sooner you will plan. And the sooner you plan, the more you will accumulate for your retirement.