Competing against 3,011 entries across 18 awards categories at ADFEST 2017, TBWA\  Sri Lanka brought glory to the country by being the only Sri Lankan Agency to clinch a metal at the recently concluded awards presentation. The press ad – “afterlife” created for a reputed publication won a Bronze award in the Media Lotus category. The Media Lotus category counted 250 entries and 35 awards being given, including 1 Grande, 10 Gold, 15 Silver and 9 Bonze.

The winning idea was the use of “chad” – the fragment of paper created when holes are made by a paper puncher to encourage people to save and recycle even the smallest piece of paper. To make the message relevant, the insight used was the deep rooted cultural understanding of Sri Lankan “masks” associated with after life. Thus, masks made out of chads re-iterated that even the smallest piece of paper could be recycled and given a new life.

“Competing amongst Asia’s best is no easy task. In the Media category, to be placed amongst the 35 metal recipients from 250 entries is an honor. It proves that insight driven ideas stand the test. The challenge for local teams is to be focused and consistent” said Subhash Pinnapola, Chief Creative Officer, TBWA\Sri Lanka.