The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) confirmed that they would guarantee a significant contribution from the Diaspora in terms of investments in the country’s economy, if the new Constitution solved the Tamil issue and restored confidence in Sri Lanka.
TNA MP, Attorney-at-Law M.A. Sumanthiran made these statements in an interview given to the Nation. He further added that the Diaspora was keen in doing so.

Meanwhile, on the question of the sale of national assets, the Parliamentarian further noted that it had to be resorted as there was no other conceivable way around addressing the issue of the country’s economy.

When questioned regarding the TNA keeping mum on the economy and what they perceived as needed to be done in this regard, he added that the Hambantota port deal had to take place because of the heavy debt left by the previous regime.

“The economy must make a turn-around. It is not an envious position to be in given the state of the economy. We have to come out of this. The sale of State assets is thus necessary. If the new Constitution is made and confidence is restored, the Diaspora will make a significant contribution including investing in the country’s economy. The Diaspora is keen to do so. We guarantee that they will in fact do so. They are only waiting until the aforementioned aspects are done,” he further explained.

  • Wasalaya

    Yes Sir, we have the backers of Ellam and traitors in power now. Make sure the division of the country happens now.


    it is effing blackmail suman. tewll the diaspora they can shove the ill gotten money where the sun never shines and does not see the light of day.

  • ajithsamarasekara

    Wonder which Tamils await their day according to Sumanthiran?
    As for as I am aware, surely, it must certainly be the Tamils ‘Turumbas” who await their day……
    Because, they are the only community denied to walk in day light being Tamils of Jaffna.
    The “Turumbas” are treated as sub humans who are forbidden to cross the path of the upper class Vellahlas in day time just in case their sight would pollute the purity of the Wigneshwaran/sumanthiran kind Vellahla overlords.
    Turumbas are permitted to walk only in the night announcing their presence as they pass the homes of Vellahla overlords wiping their foot prints they leave behind with palm fronds to keep the path clean for people like Wiggie, Sumanthiran & other Vellahla overlords….. SO WHICH TAMILS AWAIT THEIR DAY?