The Muthurajawela land grab mafia has recently targeted the illicit filling of 240 acres of low lying mangrove lands at Malwatte, Ja-Ela, within the reserve area.

It is also reported that this land grab is a part of the major illicit filling of the Muthurajawela low lying area against which a presidential directive was issued earlier.

According to sources, the recent targeting of the 240 acres of land is also by the same group operating under the protection of a powerful politician.

During an inspection tour by our sister paper Rivira on Friday (31) of the affected areas, the most frequent questions asked by the inhabitants was how the miscreants blatantly disregarded a presidential order and carried on illicit filling that was both an environmental violation and enhance the flood threat to the neighboring areas.

The people welcomed the initiative of President Maithripala Sirisena and Chairman of the Sri Lanka Land Reclamationa and Development Authority, Asela Iddawela for initiating action against the persons concerned and implored that the Presidential order will be carried out to the letter with the law taking action against the wrongdoers.

Pic by Chamila Karuanarathne