A Sri Lankan physician training to be a general practitioner was the first doctor helping in Westminster, the scene of a deadly terror attack in London, England on March 22.

Chair of the British Medical Association’s Junior Doctors Committee, Dr. Jeeves Wijesuriya was off duty attending to an interview when he heard the screaming which prompted him to swiftly move to help injured civilians and police officers.

He treated two, one who had been stabbed and another who had been shot.

According to Dr. Wijesuriya, he believed that one of the individuals he treated was the attacker. Despite the lengthy emergency medical administrations to resuscitate them, the duo (a police officer and the assailant) subsequently succumbed to the injuries one on admission to St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

According to the Metropolitan Police, a total of five deaths occurred and a minimum of 31 persons including three policemen and foreign tourists were reported to have sustained injuries when a vehicle ploughed into pedestrians near the Westminster Bridge and the Westminster Palace. The driver alighted and then went on a stabbing spree.

Dr. Jeeves Wijesuriya
Dr. Jeeves Wijesuriya

Dr. Wijesuriya came in for heavy praise for his prompt actions and service in the line of duty and has been rightly and proudly hailed by the medical community and civilians alike as a genuine hero who has a ‘patients first’ policy.

“Home safe! Humbled by the incredible efforts of the paramedics, the Metropolitan Police and the London Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. Thoughts with those in hospitals tonight, receiving and giving care”, Dr Wijesuriya tweeted.

The terrorist group known as Islamic State operating in Syria and Iraq claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.