A proposal has been made to bring in several amendments to the National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol Act No. 27 of 2006.
Aside to the proposed move to ban the sale of loose cigarettes, the Presidential Task Force on Drug Prevention says that the other proposals included changing the definition of a ‘public place’ in the said Act, empowering public health inspectors and food and drug inspectors to nab persons engaging in smoking publicly and bringing in plain packaging for cigarette packets.

Director of the Task Force Dr. Samantha Kumara Kithalawaarachchi pointed out that the current definition of ‘public places’ spoke of enclosed areas, a definition which however did not encompass roads and streets, the latter being places where people are also found to be indulging in smoking.
He explained that the Cabinet paper pertaining to the said matters had yet to be drafted except in the instance concerning the introduction of plain packaging.