The Ceylon Teachers Union while highlighting the dismal state of education in the estates and plantation sectors noted that there were over 600 unemployed graduates in the said sectors.
Recently, there had been a spate of protests by unemployed Tamil graduates in the Northern Province including Jaffna and Ampara demanding employment.

General Secretary of the Union, Joseph Stalin said that they opposed the proposed move to rehire and reinstate retired teachers for vacancies in the subjects of science, mathematics and English in Tamil medium estate schools on the grounds that such a move was baseless and not the solution to the problem of shortages of teachers that presently plagues and ails the State education system.

“The situation in the estate schools was partially owing to political appointments and politicization in the granting of service extensions,” said Stalin.

He said that the proposed reinstatement would exacerbate the situation further.

According to Stalin, the solution for addressing the issue of vacancies in rural schools to which teachers were reluctant to go to, is to have a school-based appointment system where appointments to teach any subject are granted on a 10 year basis subsequent to them sitting for a competitive examination.

“The intake to National Colleges of Education too must be increased. Only eight are in operation from the previous 24. The proposed move must be immediately withdrawn. This is a violation of the children’s right to education. If they go ahead with it, we along with the unemployed graduates are willing to take measures against it. There must be a programme in place to address these,” Stalin said.