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It’s now the third week of the third month of this year and didn’t time just fly? Hopefully we all have our eyes on our targets and ambitions not forgetting to enjoy life to the fullest at the same time. The catch is to understand that enjoying life should be a part of your target, because we don’t know the day we seize to exist and we should use every possible day to be the best version of ourselves and be happy. Being happy is the important thing.

We’ve been discussing about haircuts and hairstyles for different face shapes these few weeks and let’s look at a recap of the basic understanding:

Determining your face shape

In order to determine your face shape, pull your hair back in a headband or ponytail and analyse what you see in the mirror. Your pretty face should fall within one of six categories.

Oval: Forehead may be slightly wider than the chin, and the length of the face is about one and a half times the width.

Round: Prominent, rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face.

Square: Prominent jaw and square chin, with forehead and jaw-line roughly the same width.
Oblong: Often confused for the oval face, though an oblong face will have a longer shape that is not as wide as oval — often with a narrow chin. Also known as rectangle face shape.

Heart: Wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jaw-line and chin.

Diamond: Narrow forehead and jaw-line with cheekbones at the widest point of the face.
Today we will look at the best assets of heart shaped faces and what we can do to look our best!


Did you know a true heart-shaped face has a widow’s peak? True story! The cheek area is slightly wider than the hairline and then drops into a pointed chin. There are no wide-set or squared-off corners along the jaw-line. I think Kourtney Kardashian is a pretty great example of a heart-shaped face. If you have a normal or wide forehead with no widow’s peak which narrows down and goes into a pointed chin, it’s likely that you’re actually an “Inverted Triangle”. Here goes…

Parting with a widow’s peak – You never really want to force a middle part when working with a widow’s peak. If it goes there naturally, then great! Otherwise, try going slightly (even just the tiniest bit) to one side or the other. When you split the hair right down the centre with a widow’s peak, it tends to look thinner on each side. Better to thicken it up by going slightly off centre.

Deep side part with curls – I love these looks on a heart shaped face for two reasons. One, it does away with any parting issues caused by a widow’s peak. Two, it opens up the face and features the gorgeous jaw-line of a heart shaped face. Tuck the less heavy side and let the heavy side fall in front of your shoulders if your hair is long enough.

Haircuts – I would say the sky’s the limit for haircuts on a heart-shaped face. Almost anything looks great except heavy bangs or a jaw-length short bob. Short bangs can be really hard to control if you have a widow’s peak and if you have cowlicks on top of that, you definitely want to skip shorter bangs.

Long bangs: Ask your stylist to trim bangs vertically, rather than straight across, and to stop between the eyelids and the brows.
Blunt, Wispy Bangs: If you want blunt bangs, be sure to discuss their width with your stylist. Jennifer Lawrence nailed it by cutting her bangs at her brows and blending them with wispy layers in the front. You don’t want to widen heart-shaped faces any more. If you keep the bangs slightly narrower, you’ll notice the cheekbones, but they won’t be so pronounced.

Loose waves for shoulder length and long hair would look perfect too. Cutting face framing layers will highlight best facial features.
Sleek crop: Jessica Stroup’s sleek crop looks sophisticated and stylish, but it’s not for the shy. If you have a heart-shaped face and aren’t afraid to show it off, then this is for you. It might bring unwanted attention to particularly pointy chins.

Braid away – There’s not much more to this one than the fact that I think this is a super-cute look heart-shaped face girls. It’s a sweet, soft, feminine look that opens up your face.

Loose layers – A piecey blowout on hair with lots of layers is flattering on a heart-shaped face because it frames the face and makes the face appear a little more oval. The slight off centre parting creates a more oval shape and defuses the appearance of a widow’s peak almost entirely.

Up-dos – Try a voluminous bun or pony. That will balance out the overall silhouette of a heart-shaped face. Also, don’t go “too full” with your up-dos. When they’re wider than the hairline, they can actually make the chin look longer and more pointed.

These are some of the ways you heart-shaped girlies can style or cut your hair. Be bold and be brave! After all hair is one of the best assets a woman can have so style it correctly, whether it be short and bold and long and gorgeous.

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