The Colombo International Theatre Festival will go on stage for the sixth consecutive year from April 4 to April 9 organized by the Inter Act Art Black Box Theatre.

The inauguration ceremony will take place at the Mount Lavinia Hotel on April 3 with the participation of Japanese dramatist Kengiro Otani and Sri Lanka’s veteran dramatist Lucian Bulathsinhala.

The International Theatre Festival with stage plays from Sri Lanka, Germany, India, Armenia, Belarus and France will be held from 7 pm on the six days at the British School in Colombo.

The organizers have also decided to felicitate a veteran local theatre personality this year too as they felicitated playwright Parakarama Niriella last year. Accordingly, they have selected veteran Lucian Bulathsinhala and the festival will also kick off staging one of his productions ‘Tharawo Igilethi’ on April 4.
On April 5, two plays will be staged starting with the German play ‘OPiCAsSOo’ directed by Julia Dina Hebe and the other will be Swedish play ‘Troll’ by Tinou Merogit.

Each play runs for 45 minutes. Harshika Ratnayake’s ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ will be on April 6 and the day’s second entertainment will be Indian stage play ‘In Transit’ by Aditi Venkateshwaran.

On April 7 will be the Belarus stage play ‘When I’ll Become Cloud’ by Iryna Tsypina and Sachithra Rahubadda’s ‘Puberty’. On April 8, it will be Indian stage play ‘Imaan Imaan Paani’ and Krishantha Jayabahu’s ‘Ai Awulda’

On the last day of the show there will be local dramas titled Wata Addara Wedikawa by Didula Induwara and Suneth Kawshika, Ehala Malyi Pittaniyayi by Subhashana Kurugala and Penguin by Nilanka Nama Udumulla.

In addition to the main festival in Colombo, the organizers have also organized a parallel festival in Batticaloa starting from March 31 to April 2. Three selected international plays will be staged at the Swami Vipulananda Institute of Aesthetic Studies.

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