Aruna  Rankothge  called off his 22-year refereeing career after his final quarter final match between Kandy Sports Club and CH & FC and  as Sri Lanka Rugby  Referees Society official. In a surprise announcement, the 43-year-old confirmed he was quitting and is keen to give a big hand in coaching. He was widely regarded as capable referee of his generation. A product of St. Sylvester’s College where he learnt his rugby and played for the senior side from 1989-1991 and later turned out for Kandy Youths SC and Kandy Sports Club from 1992-1997 as a third row forward.

After hanging up his boots, he took to refereeing and coaching. His first coaching experience was at his alma mater St. Sylvester’s College and under his guidance Sylverstians entered the Division 1 of the schools rugby tournament and put up a stunning display to defeat Trinity College at Pallekele in 1998.  Later, he crossed over to Trinity College to coach the under 16 for several years before he came back to his former school. In the last two years, he gave his best, now after throwing the whistle away, he  can  concentrate more in coaching.

As a referee, he has visited every rugby-playing country in Asia and has a particular affinity to Dubai, where he has been to ten times to referee the Asian Five Nations Tournament, the Dubai Sevens and the World Cup Sevens. In his 22 years of refereeing experiences over here and in International matches, his achievements are:

On the Asian Rugby foot Ball union A/B panel, and refereed for the last 10 years.

Refereed  in the under-20 junior world cup (IRB) qualifying matches in China in 2004.

Refereed at the  Singapore Sevens in Singapore in 2005.
Assistant referee at  the world cup qualifying matches between India vs. Kazakhstan in India in 2005.

Refereed   Singapore cricket   club   rugby   international   sevens   tournament in Singapore in 2007.

Refereed south East Asians rugby sevens tournament in Thailand in 2007.

Assistant   referee in the Asians  five- nation rugby   match   between Arabian   Gulf vs. Hong Kong in Dubai in 2008.
Refereed under 20 junior world cup (IRB) qualifying matches in South Korea in 2008  Refereed  under 20 ARFUI rugby qualifying matches in the Philippines in 2009.

Assistant referee at Dubai Rugby Sevens (IRB) in Dubai in 2009.
Assistant referee Dubai international Rugby sevens in Dubai in 2010.  13 Assistant  referee –  Asian  five-nation  rugby match  between  Arabian Gulf vs. Kazakazthan in Abu Dhabi in 2011.
Assistant   referee Asian   five- nation   rugby Match   between   Arabian Gulf vs. Japan in Dubai in 2011.

Assistant   referee Asian   five   nation   rugby  Match   between   Sri   Lanka vs. Hong Kong in Sri Lanka in 2011.

Refereed Asian five-nation  rugby tournament in Indonesia in 2011.

Refereed Asian HSBC Sevens matches in Goa (India) in 2011 (November)
Assistant   referee – Asian   five- nation rugby match between  Arabian Gulf vs. Kazakazthan in Abu Dhabi in 2011.

Now he is keen in starting classes for the youngsters to advice on rugby rules, and how a referee should handle the whistle.