‘Supergirl’, that tells the story of Kara Danvers an alien with superpowers akin to her cousin Superman and ‘The Flash’ following speedster Barry Allen who is the fastest man alive, are in their second and third seasons respectively.

But though the DC Comics superhero TV  shows have orchestrated crossovers before, including a massive one linking four shows last year, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Flash’ will do what possibly no superhero show has done before –a  musical episode.
Soon after the shows were up and running, people noticed that the show featured a fair number of lauded singers – including Glee Alumni Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist who are the leads of their respective shows! But except for a short scene where Barry sings a duet (Summer Nights) with Caitlin Snow, there was little to no singing on the shows – until now.

The creative forces behind both shows designed a plot to fit the musical into, as Darren Criss plays the Music Meister who traps the heroes in an alternate reality in which they are the stars of a musical movie, with their friends in it as well. Following the Music Meister’s directions and completing the script of the movie is the only way to get out of the alternate universe. This gives us a chance to hear Gustin and Benoist alongside Broadway stars Jesse L. Martin (Joe), Victor Garber (Dr.Stein), John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) and Jeremy Jordan (Winn) along with singer Carlos Valdes (Cisco). Although there’s a video floating about on the internet that features the cast of Arrow singing ‘You’ll Be Back’ from the musical ‘Hamilton’, Barrowman seems to be the only actor from the show who will be performing in the episode. Also absent is Andy Mientus, who appeared as Hartley Rathaway, a villain who turned into a friend through time travel.

The first photos of the episode were released, featuring Barry in a bowtie and suit complete with tails and Kara in a glitzy retro gold dress, dancing atop a stage. Another picture shows the Music Meister in red suspenders and a white shirt, looking over the shoulder of Winn as he sings at the piano. The shots show that the episode is sure to be a lot of fun. ‘Supergirl’ made waves by finally basing a show around a female superhero and Kara’s strength combined with her sweetness and compassion made her a much liked character. Her sister is almost as beloved and though the show is sometimes overly simple in its resolutions, it is loved by many.

However, since ‘Supergirl’ moved to another network, the show has been struggling in certain areas, especially in the case of certain retcons. Even ‘The Flash’ has experienced a drop in ratings over the weeks. Though ‘The Flash’ started off as more light-hearted and funnier than its predecessor ‘Arrow’, the show became mired in angst that seemed both unnecessary and the undoing of plots that were built up over the first two seasons.
The musical episode, then, is expected to bring back a large audience for both shows – and rightfully so, because the episode will probably make for an entertaining and enjoyable experience. So whether you’re a first time watcher of either series, or you dropped off halfway, the musical crossover looks to be a TV event that’s too fun to miss.

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