Saturday (18) is the second day of the Dharmaraja–Kingswood  cricket  big  match, known as the ballet of the ‘Maroons’  for the TB Tenakoon  memorial trophy.  It is the oldest cricket match series in Kandy, having been played for 110 years. The first match was played in 1893, Dharmaraja captained by the great educationist, the late Sir Don Baron Jayathilake, who was the principal of Dharmaraja at that time. The Kingswood team was captained by A.E. Spencer.  This match was played at the Bogambara Grounds.  In this game some of the players were  not  schoolboys,  included a few members of the staff from each school.
The first all-schoolboy big match was played in 1899 with J.C. de Mel captaining Dharmaraja and T.B. Marshall leading Kingswood. The winners will receive the T.B.Tenakoon trophy earlier it was played for trophy in memory of   C.W.H. Lutersz, who was a teacher at Kingswood College for over four decades.

In the110 games played, Lake View School   is well ahead with 35 wins to Randle Hill schools 19, the rest being draws. Lake View school’s last win was in 2015 under Tharusha Weragoda and  Randle Hill schools last  win was in 1958. The highest individual score in the series came from Senaka Dissanayake of Dharmaraja College who made 200 in the 1983 big match played at Asgiriya, Kandy,and he is the present coach of  Dharmaraja. For Kingswood, it was Clifford Ratnavibushana who scored the highest when he made 167 in the 1959 big match played at Lakeview, Kandy. Then in the 1918 big match, Dharmaraja College had been dismissed for 9 runs.