Fouzul Hameed hands over T-shirts to President MMA Murthala. ARM Badiudeen, Secretary and HK Jazook Ahamed Treasurer. MZM Hussain is also in the picture (Pic by M. Ishrath from Dharga Town)

The Young Men’s Sports Club (YMSC) in Dharga Town conducted its 47th Annual General Meeting at the Lotus Manor Reception Hall, Lotus Road, Dharga Town recently.

The chief guest at the occasion was chairman of Colombo Zahira College Board of Governor and present patron, Al-Haj MRM Fouzul Hameed.  The following were elected as office bearers for 2017.

Imthiyas Bakeer Markar (Former Minister), MSM Aslam (Former M.P),MRM Fouzul Hameed (MD- Hameedia),MZM Feroze, Dr. MHM Rumy( MD-State Pharmaceutical Corporation),MFM Ikram( Director – Emerald Pvt. Ltd.),ACM Nazar, MMK Anam

MM Hazeem
Chairman and Chief Organizer
ARM Badiudeen (Member of Referee Committee FFSL)
Deputy Chairman
ACM Iqbal
MMA Murthala
Vice President
MIM Ansar (member of human right committee),TM Ashraff Ali, AWO Mihlar
MHM Razmy (B.Sc  HonsEng. S.G Manager Abans Pvt. Ltd.),AWM Ramzy
MM Sawjahan, MFM Fazly, AWM Irzan, MZM Ameez

Joint Secretaries
AJM Akbar, HK JazookAhamed
Asst. Secretary
MSM Shafny
MZM Hussain
AZM Mumthaz
Team Manager
MTM Mulaffer
(Former SL National Player)