A technical seminar was conducted on “Water, Wastewater and Reuse” by the Indo Austrian Multinational VA Tech Wabag Ltd at the JAIC Hilton. In a first of kind multi stakeholder seminar invitees ranged from engineers of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, Colombo Municipal council, Representatives of the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development, Ministry of City Planning and Water Supply, professors from Peradeniya and Moratuwa, local consultants, representatives from the Asian Development Bank and JICA. VA Tech Wabag is a 90 year old pioneer in the field of water and wastewater technologies and owns more than 100 patents for various water and wastewater treatment applications. The idea of this congregation of various stakeholders at one place by Wabag was to create awareness on the latest advancements in the field of water and wastewater and showcase to the Sri Lankan stakeholders as to how latest technologies can be implemented and used to drive better efficiency and lower costs.
The seminar was inaugurated by Rauff Hakim, Minister of City Planning and Water Supply. Speaking on the occasion he emphasised on the use of latest technologies and encouraged and appreciated the collaboration of knowledge sharing between the industry and the government. The Minister also proposed that the time has come to have the water footprint like the carbon footprint to encourage the industry and create awareness on the importance of safe drinking water for all.

“Knowledge Increase by sharing, we want to be a long -term partner for the water and wastewater needs of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka is a very important market for Wabag,” said Arvind Dullu the Country Director for Wabag in Sri Lanka, he emphasised that Wabag would be happy to invest in the upcoming Public Private Partnership projects with the right regulations in place and a push from the government this sector would open up further in the next 5-10 years.

In Sri lanka, Wabag wants to focus on Wastewater, reuse and Desalination going forward. They are currently executing two drinking water projects in Sri Lanka and have bid for a third. “The family which hails from a long standing background of commerce and industry for over 125 years now in Sri lanka would always bring the best companies with a technology edge,” said Taher Jafferjee local partner of Wabag who was instrumental in getting Wabag to Sri Lanka in 2012.