Harsha Purasinghe of MicroImage | Chandi Dharmaratne of Virtusa

HR practitioners representing firms from diverse sectors will present their expert insights on how to manage talent in order to become an innovation driven business, during the ‘Plenary 1’ of the upcoming ‘Future of Business – Innovation Strategy and Learning Event’ of the Ceylon Chamber.

The session titled, ‘Managing the Millennial Worker’ will focus on the requirement of a unique management style to harness the energy and creativity that will be brought in by the millennials into a business. Increasingly, businesses will have to craft a dynamic workplace that motivates and attracts millennial employees, in a way that does not create tension with older employees.

Chandi Dharmaratne of Virtusa, Sumeet Verma of Unilever, Harsha Purasinghe of MicroImage, Aroshi Nanayakkara of Hela Clothing, and Mariam Riza of Wattleshire Group, will share their unique and practical insights. Kshanika Ratnayake of ‘Great Places To Work Sri Lanka’ will chair the session and bring in perspectives across sectors.

The session will elaborate on how traditional firms may often struggle with balancing between harnessing the talent of the millennials and managing their expectations. The speakers will delve on how the ‘alpha’ notion of aggressive management has given way to the modern era of cooperative ‘beta’ leadership, increasingly being adopted by successful firms.

The event, to be held on the 24th of March at the Hilton Colombo Residences will give Sri Lankan business executives working in diverse sectors,practical insights to drive innovation, which can be deployed right away in their businesses to embark on a transformation agenda.