The medical community often claims that when doctors advise patients with regard to the use of birth control methods it was for the purpose of proper spacing and risk management.

The Dambulla Base Hospital recently received a written complaint with regard to a patient in the maternity ward being advised to use birth control devices.

Director of the Dambulla Base Hospital  Dr. Charles Pathirannehelage Nugawela said that a routine investigation has been launched into the matter.

He noted that while patients have the right to accept or reject such advice, they were advised with regard to suggestions for the use of birth control devices and contraception only after taking into account medical factors and norms.  Proper spacing involves the time gap to be maintained between two pregnancies. Another reason involves cases where a female who wishes to get pregnant may be diagnosed with other diseases such as heart diseases. In the case of the latter, a clinician may decide and advise the patient against pregnancy, as it could lead to the woman’s life being put in harm’s way.