In a concerted effort to minimize road accidents, the National Council for Road Safety will seek the implementation of specific interventions.

Motorists who have fitted high intensity headlamps as modifications or as replacements to the vehicle manufacturers’ original headlamps will face prosecution. Jeeps, SUVs,  buses, bowsers and container trucks are  among the worst offenders who have fitted  very powerful lights to various positions, causing momentary blindness to drivers of oncoming vehicles and also drivers trailing behind when the light hits them straight in the face from the rear view mirror reflection.

According to Chairman of the Council, Dr. Sisira Kodagoda, Police have been advised to strictly enforce prosecution where the offenders will have to appear in courts and be punished. There are no spot fines for this offence.

Another intervention relates to the lock fixed to the steering wheel of a three-wheeler. It allows the driver to turn the vehicle at angles between 48 degrees to 60 degrees only as a safety measure against toppling when taking bends at speed. The locks are removed by drivers. This is to allow them to turn the vehicle around 180 degrees. The Council has since advised the manufacturer Bajaj Auto Limited through David Pieris Moto Company Limited the local distributer to ensure installation of a permanent tamper proof lock.
To make the work of the organization more effective the National Council for Road Safety will be converted as the Commission for Road Safety with more powers than have been afforded to the Council at present.

The legal amendments in this regard have currently been sent to the Attorney General’s Department.