The story of Keith Noyahr’s miraculous escape from the clutches of death is known to all. However, there is a part which is known only to family of the Rivira Media Corporation. The story where a momentary phone ring had saved Noyahr.

What turned around a somewhat hopeless night was a frantic call amidst hundreds of others from the former Circulation Manager, Gamini Nukulasuriya to Keith’s mobile.
When all attempts to reach Keith failed, Nukulasuriya was lucky to connect Keith when the latter’s phone was switched on, albeit momentarily.

It rang once and was then disconnected. That momentary ring gave a new lease of life to the investigation and attempts to figure out where Keith had been taken.

Earlier, when Keith’s wife saw his vehicle outside their home with the engine running, immediately contacted Gamini Abeywardane who was at that time the Business Editor. Abeywardane in turn contacted the Editor, Lalith Alahakoon who then alerted the company CEO, Chrishantha Cooray.

Alahakoon and Cooray, along with the Deputy Editor of Rivira Sisira Paranathantri, and the then Circulation Manager Gamini Nukulasuriya rushed to Keith’s house to ascertain the ground situation.

They then went to the Dehiwela Police Station to lodge a complaint and see what could be done to know Keith’s whereabouts.

Everyone kept trying Keith’s mobile phone, but the calls were in vain as the phone was unreachable.

However, Keith’s phone was momentarily switched on. It was at that moment Nukulasuriya had called the line again. He heard the ring tone once before it was disconnected. That moment changed the entire scenario, and probably Keith’s fate.

Nukulasuriya quickly informed of the development to Cooray who got through to a high ranking official at a mobile network provider to find out the location of Keith’s phone when Nukulasuriyas call connected.

The signals indicated that he was taken to Dompe. A police team was deployed to comb the area. Although the search reached a blank, those behind the abduction who were now apprised of the new development upsetting their prearranged plans, had realised that things were going awry and  decided to release Keith.

The providence of a ringing telephone amongst hundreds of others in that dark night changed Keith’s fate.