The Sri Lanka Tea Board has released tea production data for the month of January 2017 confirming a figure of 21.2 Mnkg which is the lowest since 2011.

Dry conditions was the main reason for crop loss with higher elevations recording colder conditions. Over the past five years tea production in January ranged from 23 – 25 Mnkg.

High Grown tea production in January this year is the lowest in recent history. The figure of 4.540 Mnkg has no comparable data going back to 1970. In 2007 however the High Grown January crop figure was 4.545 Mnkg.

Dry cold conditions restricted production but were ideal for the manufacture of high quality seasonal teas. This year’s quality season was one of the finest in many years and the best teas was on offer attracted strong international demand from around the world.

Low Grown production of 13.9 Mnkg is a sharp 12% less than 2016 quantity of 15.9 Mnkg. The last occasion when a similarly low quantity was recorded was in 2011 when production was 13.2 Mnkg.

Mid Growns declined almost 25% YoY 2016 with a figure of 2.7 Mnkg compared with 3.6 in January the year before. This is the lowest since 2007.