With the significant growth in real estate and commercial infrastructure and the increasing need for alternative cost-saving economical maintenance options, Oxford Elevators Company (OEC) recently launched its operations in Sri Lanka.

This was under the vision and direction of OEC Founder and Chairman S J Kader Sahibu. Established in Sharjah- United Arab Emirates (UAE), OEC group of companies has offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and all major metropolitan cities in India namely Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. The company boasts over two decades of a vast range of technical, professional and management experience in elevators and escalators.

The company has its own brand ‘Oxford’ which comes in a wide range and specializes in installing and modernizing high-speed, panoramic, home, machine room less (MRL) elevators including car lifts, escalators, travellators, moving walks, scissor lifts, dump waiters, and parking systems.

Ahamed K Raja, Managing Director- Oxford Elevators Private Limited (Sri Lanka) briefed that, ‘We are delighted to bring Oxford elevators and escalators to the country with 15 years warranty for new Oxford brand installations and also provide a complete service from maintenance, repairing through to renovation and modernization of all leading types and brands.’

‘We are confident to thrive in this market with the Oxford brand and a continued success in providing elevators and escalators modernization and trouble-free cost effective AMC (annual maintenance contracts) covering all leading brands. The cost especially in maintaining elevators and escalators by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) have been exorbitant and customers globally have turned to look at an alternative ‘service provider’. Many clients are quoted by OEM’s withhigher maintenance costs further more OEM’s not maintaining as promised, unavailable when required, frequently charging extras, and expensive on any modifications. The OEC Group has well established a reputation in being one of the best service provider.’ he further added.
Oxford Elevators Company currently maintains over 1,500 units of elevators and escalators including its own range of Oxford products, Mitsubishi, Otis, and Sigma amongst many other brands.