Nihal Viper Guneratne

Rugby coach Nihal Viper Guneratne saw his dream of attending IRB conducted performance workshop in Japan come true when a lion- hearted sponsor came forward to fund his passage.

Guneratne’s passage to Japan will be funded by Global Antonian News Network (GANN).
Guneratne was chosen to attend the workshop along with Anil Jayasinghe, whose passage to Japan has been funded by the rugby referees society through the Sports Ministry. Both Jayasinghe and Guneratne have played the role of Citing Match Official in domestic matches.

The World Rugby & ARFU Performance Development Workshop (PDW) will be held in Tokyo from February 25 to March1. Experts like  Frank Micklejohn, Alan Whitcombe,  Peter Harding,  Lee Smith,  Ben Van Rooyen,  Dr. Masamitsu, Makoto NIshiki and Gene Tong are expected to make inputs at the workshop.

The respective unions and participants will have to bear the expenses for travel and preparing visas. Asian Rugby will cover ground costs.

GANN was formed as an informal whatsapp group to share news of Antonian sport. This is run by volunteers who share all news which are of interest to Old Antonians. Its members are spread worldwide from Canada to New Zealand with some an active members from the Middle East. Maufer Usoof, and  Riyaz  Usoof were two first come out in this helping, and also people like a top cricketer of St. Anthony’s College  Thaiyar Mohamed,  now domiciled in Perth, Australia  and N. Bashkaran,  an active GANN member all were there to give the push, what a great show by the Old Antoanions.