‘Kandy Sports Clubs  Rugby Chairman, Lasantha Wijasuriya says  the good understanding  of  the  ruggeirtes , the discipline they  maintained  and the support they got from the Club  and the  fans  what really made  the  team  a champion team. Lasantha analyzing Kandy SC’s prowess in the league and knockouts, said that their team played together and were well discipline.   Considering the immense success, the Kandy Sports Club players have achieved, Lasantha has every right in the world for any type of logical rhetoric about his men who would have by now won the admiration of even their one time critics. It was his knowledge and experience, he was able to get things done because being   dedicated, the club had excellent  players  to  guide.

From the day he took over the chairmanship, he has been doing a good job, he knows the game and also knows how to handle matters, was a player, captain, coach.He has been  commanding a rugby force around  forty players  for over a decade. He knows his team has got the physical  strength  needed  for a  rugby, they are physically strong,  can last the pace, resist any onslaught and have got the stamina.