The Indian Cultural Centre, Colombo will be screening a Malayalam film ‘Orazhcha’ along with a meeting of the debutant Director of the film Anila SK on Wednesday, February 22 at 6.00 pm at ICC auditorium at 16/2 Gregory’s Road, Colombo 7.
Anila SK, a development sector professional by career, took to film-making a couple of years ago following her long time passion. She had worked with the government and non-government agencies in and out of Sri Lanka including the United Nations.
Hailing from Kerala, she made her debut film ‘Orazhcha’ in Malayalam, which was premiered at the Jaffna International film festival in September 2016 and was one of the eight films in competition.
‘Orazhcha’ (A week), is a film that tells the story of an old, retired, middle class couple in Kerala, India and their life in a week. The movie, presents social issues through the story of this old couple. Inspired by real life experience, the movie brings out the nuances of old age, loneliness, routine, exclusion and isolation.
Treated and filmed in the realistic genre with live sound recording, the movie tells the real life stories of the main cast.

The couple in their 70s represent a generation that witnessed many historical changes – right from the independence struggle to the technology boom; from large extended families to microcosmic nuclear families; from personal conversations to Facebook chats, almost everything is defined in their lives – gender roles, subtle ways of love, inter-dependence almost bordering on nonchalance; yet deep in their own ways which may be difficult to fathom for the younger generation.

At another level, the story subtly points to the loneliness of a child, growing up in a city apartment and her yearnings to be in a village setting. Although relationships seem closer and the world smaller with technology, life at an individual level seems to be a lonely existence, for a few.