The following is an interview given to Roy Movie YouTube by Jacqueline Fernandez, a  Sri Lankan actress who made a name in Bollywood. She was the winner of the 2006 Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant and represented Sri Lanka at the 2006 world Miss Universe pageant.  She holds a degree in mass communication from the University of Sydney and worked as a television reporter in Sri Lanka. She is also the owner of high-end restaurent in Colombo 7,
‘Kaema Sutra’.

Q: Let us begin the interview with your memories of childhood.
I was the youngest female child in the family. I had a very happy life with my siblings. My favourite subject in school was French. Since the age of seven I had a craving for acting on TV.

Q: Your debut as a model?
It was during my schooldays that I wanted to be a model purely for financial consideration. I received a whopping amount of pocket money by modelling while schooling. At the age of 16 I was financially independent and could spend on anything I wished to buy.

Q:  What about your life in Sri Lanka?
While modelling I contested the Miss Sri Lanka beauty pageant. I had a dream of becoming an actress and I thought the beauty pageant was an ideal launching pad for it.

Q: Apart from modelling, what were your other pastime activities?
I worked in a TV channel as a media person. I interviewed various people for the TV channel.

Q: If given an opportunity who would you interview first?
First the Indian Prime Minister Modi and the next Amitabh Bachchan.

Q: How did you enter the Bollywood scene?
I received an invitation over the phone from an advertising agency while employed as a media person to act in a film with Amitabh Bachchan. I was thunderstruck to answer it as Amitabh was a colossus in Bollywood.

Q: What was your response?
I immediately called my father. My father is a great fan of Amitabh. He was also over the moon on hearing this news. We had no second thoughts about it.

Q: Is it easy to work with Amitabh?
Yes. At the outset I didn’t know the ABC of acting. So I was very much nervous and hesitant to freely chat with him.

Q: What is the turning point in your in Bollywood career?
It was my association with Salman Khan. It turned a new lease in my life.

Q: Who is the role model in your life?
Definitely it is Salman.

Q; Are you willing to reveal the secret of your beauty?
I use high quality expensive cleansers, toners and moisturizers. I always apply a lotion to protect my skin from the sun when outdoors. I take foods rich in Vitamin C.

Q: What is the advice you offer on cleanliness?
Cleanliness is very essential to life. Some girls have the habit of going to bed without brushing their teeth or removing make-up. During sleep the skin regenerate. That is why the skin should be kept clean in the night. That is the reason why I never fail to adhere to that habit.

Q: How often do you cleanse your skin?
Do you mean that I wash my face several times a day? In fact, I don’t clean my face often. It makes the skin dry. But before I retire to bed I wash  my face without failing.

Translated by Ananda Elkaduwa