If you have enough qualifications or talent, making money is not that difficult, even from the comfort of your home. In this very digital world, many jobs are often online. Sri Lanka too has been fast moving forward to become a part of the global village. Thus, it is not that difficult to find ways to make money from home.
The following is a list of a few things you could try out to make money from home, whether you’re a housewife, a struggling student or someone looking for some extra cash.

1. Freelance work
If you have a marketable skill then this is probably the best way to make money online. Plenty of freelancers in Sri Lanka earn over Rs. 200,000 by doing freelance work in various fields. Web development, software development, graphic design, PR and content-writing are some of the fields that pay well. It’s important to note that work doesn’t come to you, unless you establish a reputation. Once you establish a reputation you have to keep delivering to maintain that reputation.

Software development: Ranges from adding a small form in a website to large complex software projects.

Web development: A skill that is high in demand where you can earn Rs. 50,000 upwards for website.

Graphic design: From a simple graphic to animated videos this is another service that has a constant demand.

Digital marketing: Things include search engine optimization, content-writing, link building, social media marketing and other niche marketing work.

Because labour is expensive in countries like USA and Europe there is a good demand for capable freelancers from Sri Lanka. There are many sites for freelancers that are absolutely free to sign up.

2. Blogging
If you have a knack for writing then blogging is a great way to make money online. However, it will take some time for you to develop a blog, bring traffic to your blog and then monetize your blog to make money. This is ideal for someone who thinks long-term instead of a quick profit. In the first few months you won’t see much money but once you write a few articles and start to entice traffic then you will see a steady increase in traffic.
With blogging you can gradually scale your income. This blog makes me about $500 a month from affiliate marketing, paid posts and advertising deals. And for the whole year it costs about $100 for hosting and the domain.

The good thing about blogging is you can get started for free using blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress or Medium. If you have no idea about hosting or buying domain then joining one of the above platforms is a good way to get started. Please note if you want to monetize it later then Blogger is the best option.

Once you get the hang of it then you can host your own blog with your preferred domain name. But creating a blog and writing articles is just the start. Then you need to learn things like search engine optimization, social media marketing and the rest to bring traffic to your blog. That’s why this is ideal for someone who is willing to make a commitment and persevere until you see the income.

3. Joining paid to write sites
If you’re good at writing then this is a great way to make money online. You sign up for these websites and they’ll provide you with all the tools and resources to create awesome-looking Web pages. These Web pages will have advertisements on them and you’ll get a percentage of money earned from those advertisements. It’s free so just sign up and give it a try.

4. Sell photos online
Selling photos is another great way to make money online. If you’re already into photography then this could be a great way to make some extra income. All those photos are just lying there on Facebook anyway, so no harm in uploading them to a photo-selling site to make some extra cash. Most of my friends use Shutterstock and they have had some amazing success through them.

5. Affiliate marketing
In affiliate marketing you act as the middle man. You sell a company’s products or services to consumers and the company pays you a commission for every successful sale.
There are many products and services that have affiliate programmes. Although not used extensively some Sri Lankan companies also have affiliate programmes. This is a great way to make money online for free if you find the right product in the right niche.

6. Data entry Jobs
You won’t get rich by doing data entry jobs but still if you find the right job you can make a decent income.

7. PTC programmes
PTC stands for ‘paid to click’ and this is not the best way to build a sustainable income. These programmes require you to log in for 10-15 minutes every day and clicking on ads and reading them. If you want to be really successful at this then you need to get lots of referrals because you earn a part of what your referrals earn as well. You can earn a decent amount if you manage to get enough referrals.

8. Doing paid surveys
Online surveys are a very legitimate method to make money online but the problem is most of these paid surveys are targeted towards US and Canadian citizens. It is very hard to find worldwide surveys where Sri Lankans can participate in. These programmes do have referral programmes so as with most things in making money online. If you can get enough referrals you have a chance of making a decent income.

9. Buying and selling domains
This is another good way to make money online but you need to have some knowledge about domain valuation and the rest to make money through this method. There are few Sri Lankans who are doing it but if you are new to making money online then it is better if you focus on the other things mentioned above.