Presenting a wide selection of ‘truly Jaffna’ cuisine, premier five-star city hotel Cinnamon Grand will lay out an outstanding buffet with over 70 aromatic dishes to give metropolitans, diaspora and tourists a feast from the north, right here in the middle of buzzing Colombo at their debut ‘Jaffna Festival’ on from 16-26 February.

He buffet, priced at Rs.2,600 nett for adults and Rs.1,500 for kids between the ages six and 12, this is a not to be missed event culminating the best of culture heritage of the district.

With ingredients sourced daily from Jaffna and with five ladies from the area commissioned by the Hotel to stir in and whip up the flavours that is unique to the region, Jaffna Festival is a celebration of the authenticity that has stood the test of time and peril.
Known as ‘YarlpanamSamaayal’, traditional Jaffna cuisine caters to the six sense of taste, better known as ‘arusuvai’. This is the belief that in order to create the perfect balance of flavour, the cooking must ensure that the senses of sweet, salty, bitter, sour, astringent and pungent must be tapped in to with the calculated use of spices. Majority of the cooking take place in clay pots over firewood which adds to the flavour that is unequivocally Jaffna.

At Cinnamon Grand’s Jaffna Festival, the menu has been carefully put together by local Jaffna ladies and experts alongside the Hotel team. The famous Jaffna kool will be a staple here alongside mains such as    Sivappu  Kuththarisi Choru (Steamed Red Rice), Kurakkan   Puttu (Kurakkan Pittu), Meen  Puttu (Fish Pittu), Cal Thosai (Jaffna Cal Dosai), Gundu Thosai (Round Dosai), Paalappam (Coconut Milk Hoppers), ArisimaIdiyappam (Red String Hoppers) and Muttai appam (Egg  Hopper).

With the sea providing abundance to the folks in Jaffna, the district is also well known for their seafood dishes. At the Festival, one can savour Nandu Curry (Crab Curry), Vilai Meen Kulambu (Mullet Fish Curry), Thirukkai Meen Curry (Stingray Fish Curry), Kayal Poriyal (Kayal Fried Fish), SuraVarai (Shark Mallum), Kanavaai Paal Pirattal (Cuttlefish Dry Curry), Eral Kulambu (Prawn Curry), Otti Meen Sarakku Curry, Kanavaai  Kulambu (Cuttlefish Gravy Curry), Eral Theecha Curry (Prawn Dry Curry with Onions) and Paruthithithurai  Thiriya Karuvadu Pirattal (Point Pedro Dry Fish with Onion and Red Chilli) among others.

For the meat lovers, the cooks will prepare Attu Erachchi Paal Poriyal (Mutton Paal Poriyal), Attu (Iraththa) Sundal (Tempered Mutton Blood), Attu Eeral Curry (Mutton Liver Curry), Attu Ellumbu Rasam (Mutton Bone Rasam), Attu Erachchi Melagu Curry (Mutton Pepper Curry), Mattu Erachchi Curry (Beef Curry), Nattu Koli Kulambu (Village Chicken Curry)and Koli Pirattal (Chicken Curry).

The vegetable section of the buffet will include the likes of Karunaikilangu Curry (Elephant Yam Curry), Kaththarikkai Paal Curry (Brinjal White Curry), Poosanikkai & Marawalli Kilangu Paal Curry (Pumpkin and Manioc White Curry), Vendikkai Porichcha Koottu (Fried Ladies Fingers Curry), Ventheyak Kulambu (Onion Fenugreek Curry), Mulaikeerai Passali Curry (Spinach Curry), MurungaiIlai Varai (Drumstick Leaves Mallum), Pavatkai  Pirattal (Bitter Gourd Curry), Murungaikkai Paal Curry (Drumstick White Curry), Thuvaram Parrippu Koottu (Thuvaram  Dhall Curry), Pudalankai Sundal (Snake Gourd Mallum),
Palakkottai Curry (Jackfruit Seed Curry), Modaghavalli Curry, Kaththirikkai Sambal (Brinjal Sambal), Vaalakkai Sambal (Ash Plantain Sambal) and Ahaththi Sothy (Kathurumurunga Sothy).

More favourites such as Vaalakkai (Ash Plantain), Meen (Fish), Kanavaai(Cuttlefish), Eral(Prawns), Attu Erachchi (Mutton) fried will also be done a la minute for diners.
The Hotel will also bring down fruits from Jaffna which has a distinctive taste of its own. A variety of Valaipalam(Bananas) such as    Kathali, Kappal, Itharai, Seeni Palam, Maruthuwa Palam alongside an array of Mampalam (Mangos) – Kartha Kulumbu, Vilat, Ambalavi, Sheilanwill be available at the Grand village in the city. Papasipalam (Papaya), Mundirippalam (Grapes), Vilampalam (Woodapple) and Pilapalam (Jackfruit) are also part of the selection.

Open for dinner on weekdays and for lunch and dinner over Saturday and Sunday, Jaffna Festival at Cinnamon Grand is an attempt by the hotel to familiarise the community in the city, of the inimitable traditions of Yalpanam. While diners enjoy the meal, live entertainment featuring a series of dance and music acts will be staged at the compound while palmyrah crafts created by ladies in Jaffna will be sold here as well.