Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has urged compatriots held in Australian-run immigration detention centres to come home and assured that legal actions would not be taken against them.

He gave this assurance during his official visit in Australia as he stood beside his Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull.

“They left Sri Lanka illegally. They are welcome to return to Sri Lanka and we won’t prosecute them, so they can come back to Sri Lanka, and we will have them, but remember, they broke the law in coming to Australia, attempting to come to Australia,” he had reportedly said.

When questioned by the journalists about their safety in Sri Lanka, the Prime Minister had answered that it was quite safe them to return.

“Some of them have left from places where conflict didn’t even take place. All of them are not even Tamils and even we want all the Tamils to come back. We should not make a mess of ourselves like they’ve gone and done in Europe and the Middle East.