The Mercantile Badminton Association (MBA) which is a registered associate of Sri Lanka Badminton with the largest member database of 312 member firms is actively conducting events for its members.  The MBA also conduct CSR programmes for under-privileged school students in the country to develop badminton. Being the first event in 2017 calendar, the MBA collaborated with Polonnaruwa District Badminton Association to conduct a two-day ‘Badminton Basic workshop on February 10-11, 2017 at the Gallella Sports Complex, Polonnaruwa,  focusing 10 schools in the District of Polonnaruwa. Participants will be the school players, physical education instructors, sports coordinators and divisional sports officers.

During the workshop, the MBA will share theoretical and practical knowledge about badminton with the assistance of best and certified badminton coaches in Sri Lanka. This effort will increase awareness and enthusiasm among young school players and will continue the game to its best level, where one day they will be able to represent the country in the international arena. The MBA has made arrangements to donate sports equipments to all participants such as 150 rackets, 20 tubes shuttlecocks, 10 nets and metal poles and 150 shoes. All participants will be awarded with valid participation certificate at the end of workshop.

This CSR event will be handled by the Mercantile Badminton Association in collaboration with Polonnaruwa District Badminton Association, and this event will be graced by Peshala Bandara, Chief Minister (North Central Province), Eng. Karunasena Hettiarachchi, Secretary, Ministry of Defence, W.G.S. Thilina  Weewalpanawa, PR Officer to the President, Ministry of Defence and Saman Priyantha Bandara, Director General (Department of Sports Development).