People talk about success theories and achieving life goals. But seldom do these commercially inclined people find true happiness and peace in their lives.

The trend now is for disgruntled individuals to look at spirituality as the magic pill which guarantees to bring a mile long smile on your face. These are times when people pay through their noses to follow courses in spirituality which are organized in the form of retreats. Spiritual teachers like Sunandaji have served humanity by offering to do free lectures and sooth the minds of people having troubled minds.

This year again she will be in Sri Lanka and conduct a four-day talk session where she will explain chapter XV111 which is about renunciation or sanyasa. The lecture series will be held from February 25-28 at the Buddhist Culture Centre, Havelock Road Colombo 5 (Near Thunmulla Junction) with sessions commencing each day at 6.30pm.

But don’t get the word renunciation wrong. From a Vedanta (Scriptures which teach how to live with wisdom) context renunciation is the art of living and performing your duties, but with no attachment.

Sunandaji’s dad, Swami Parthasarathy, also her guru, has penned many books on Vedanta which teaches that living is an art and must be studied like any other subject.  According to the contents in the book ‘Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities’ by A.Parthasarathy the lack of fundamental knowledge in living causes both stress and strain.

Sunandaji propagates Swami Parathasarathy’s teachings and has travelled the world teaching audiences about the benefits that can be derived from having a peaceful mind. To obtain these benefits the right effort has to be put in. According to Swami Parathasarathy’s books when the right effort is put in, one’s efforts produce dynamic action.

Vedanta philosophies have to be learned from a qualified guru or teacher. To help students interested in gaining knowledge of this old wisdom, Swami Parthasarathy founded the Vedanta Academy in India. The institute offers residential courses for students. The academy attracts youth as applicants. This knowledge is essential for youngsters to face life’s challenges be successful and have peace of mind.

This writer can remember Sunandaji stressing the fact that she prefers to see her audience being filled with youth. She told this scribe in an interview done a few years ago that she wants youth to be educated about these philosophies because it is the right time to have this knowledge, akin to most young people in India.
Sunandaji is a senior trustee of the Vedanta Cultural Centre in India. Her clear and powerful presentation has made people flock to wherever she conducts lectures. She has conducted lectures in world prestigious institutes like Ernst & Young, Harvard and Oxford Universities.

Her lectures have helped so many to self-manage themselves. Participants have experienced clarity in thinking and peace of mind after attending lectures.

The Vedanta philosophy teaches practitioners that the human being becomes perfect when he or she reaches the state of self-realization. Enlightenment is a totally fulfilling thing. And any person who has achieved the state of self-realization will fit into society perfectly, according to Dr. Parthasarathy’s books on Vedanta.