CCC School of Cricket will be conducting Under-12 Cricket Tournament among Cricket Coaching Schools and Academies during February 2017 on an invitational basis. This  mini  tournament  is  limited  to  only 8 teams  this  year,  according  to Nelson Mendis, Director  of C CC School  of Cricket but  shall  be  opened  to  other  academies  from  next  year  and  will be  held  on a bigger scale.

The  following 8 teams  will participate  in  the  Tournament, starting  on   February 10,  and  the final  will be  on February 25, 2017.

 Participating teams
Group A: Sanath Jayasuriya CA, Nugegoda CA, Asian Grammar School and CCC School of Cricket ‘A’
Group  B:  Nondescript  School  of Cricket, Panadura Cricket Coaching School, CCC School  of Cricket “B” and SSC School  of Cricket.

Objectives  of this  inaugural  tournament  will be  to  provide  exposure  to  young  cricketers  to  gain  valuable  experience  and  showcase   their  hidden  talents  while  playing  their  first  competitive  tournament  matches.

It  will also  help  the  budding  cricketers  to  learn  and  develop  discipline  and  help  them  to  lay  the  foundation to  become  useful  citizens  of  tomorrow  by  playing  the  Nobel Game   in the  true  spirit  of sportsmanship.

Semi- finals will be on February 24 and the final on Saturday February 25. Both the semi-final and final will be played at the Ananda Sastharalaya Grounds.
Award presentation  will take  place  immediately  after  the finals.