It’s been quite a long journey with our FIT OUT column and we’ve discussed almost all types of clothing. Today we chose to expand your knowledge on hair-cuts, hairstyles and face shapes! We will look at different face shapes, styles and cuts which enhances your badass persona. You can either look like Cruella Deville or Ariel (little mermaid). It’s high time you learnt your fairy tales and it is important ladies, it comes handy and well, it makes you be young at heart.

Determining your face shape
In order to determine your face shape, pull your hair back in a headband or ponytail and analyse what you see in the mirror. Your pretty face should fall within one of six categories.

Oval: Forehead may be slightly wider than the chin, and the length of the face is about one and a half times the width.

Round: Prominent, rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face.

Square: Prominent jaw and square chin, with forehead and jawline roughly the same width.

Oblong: Often confused for the oval face, though an oblong face will have a longer shape that is not as wide as oval — often with a narrow chin. Also known as rectangle face shape.

Heart: Wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin.

Diamond: Narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones at the widest point of the face.

The oval face shape has long been shined on the “perfection pedestal”. We hear very often people talking about how the oval is the perfect face shape. Sure, almighty oval is often more versatile when it comes to haircuts and styles but the “perfect face” by definition actually has nothing to do with shape at all! An oval is typically three  parts long to two parts wide. In other words, the width of your face is about 1/3 less than the length of your face. There are also no major corners on an oval face shape– not around the hairline or on the jawline.

UPDOS– Okay, this is the place where the ovals may have a slight advantage in the hair race. Twirling around with new up-dos is ideal for someone with an oval face and is a little less work and here’s why– we always want to check proportion, balance in the mirror when doing an updo, but ovals don’t have to worry about off-setting a part of the face with extra volume or soft pieces falling in front like you do when you’re trying to soften a SQUARE jaw. Lucky for ovals, they can wear almost any up-do, waves, chignon, braid or top knot.

SIDE SWOOP– Heavy side swept bangs are great on an oval shape when there’s a little volume behind it, especially with an up-do. With little or no volume behind a heavy side sweep, an oval face may appear “shortened”. If you’re really not a fan of volume behind your side swoop, try parting it a little more toward the centre so it doesn’t shorten your face too much.

CENTRE PART– Centre parts are good on an oval shape but don’t frame the face to create a rectangular nature. You don’t want to crowd an oval face shape because it will go narrow very quickly. Always try to keep at least one cheekbone clear.

BLOWOUTS– Go sleek, beachy, textured or voluminous. Again, whatever you do just don’t overcrowd the face.

HAIRCUTS– The talk is that a true oval face can pull off almost any haircut, but I’m here to falsify that theory. You have to think of your features! Face shapes aren’t the only important thing and a good hairstylist will make you aware of that. You have to consider other things– do you have a prominent nose? Do you have a weak chin? Do you have a long neck? Do you have wide set eyes? Do you have a short forehead? I can keep going if you want… Just because you have an oval face shape doesn’t mean you can have any haircut so make sure it’s flattering your best features.

Today was all about the oval face shape and its possible hairstyles and cuts. I’ll attach some photos along for all you oval-faced ladies to get inspiration from.

Just remember that hair is an asset to us, whether you cut it short or have it long, make sure it’s what you want. Sometimes chopping our hair off is also a monumental and important stage in our life. Make sure you treasure it and pamper it.

Because you can either look like a Charlie Chaplin gone wrong or a Johnny Depp perfection; alright, these two examples are way out of the range and obviously males. But you know what I mean; you can either look drop dead gorgeous or well, sigh!


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