Economix is a web series by BLERD, Sri Lanka’s latest online content platform giving its audience the opportunity to grasp the fundamental economic knowledge they ought to possess as citizens and consumers.

The teaser video for the series features economist Deshal de Mel at a grocery store purchasing dhal.  But shocked by the prices, the economist who plays a clueless customer asks the shop owner why dhal was so expensive.

The shop owner then proceeds to explain: “Sir, you know the rupee value has gone down.  When you import stuff from abroad, and since the value of the rupee is less, we have to pay them a large amount of money. So when that happens it is not easy to balance things.”

He continues: “On one side you have the export market; that itself is major competition. The local farmer… we have to take care for him as well. When you try to balance this, that and the others dhal is expensive.”  This is a simple yet accurate explanation that answers the customer’s query.

Speaking to Nation, Harith Gunawardena, CEO of The Last Word and the founder of BLERD said that Economix4All was an initiative that serves to educate the public on matters that are relevant to them and thereby influence them to make informed decisions.  Gunawardena said that his team comprises of Theena Kumaragurunathan, Daran Kandasamy, Amila Galappaththi and himself – who all share in common a passionate to create and come from a background in advertising.

The first episode of the Economix series was released last Wednesday accordingly, featuring members of the population from different communities and strata of society with different levels of income and education, commenting on how the cost of living is reflected by the price of a rice packet.

Following the public comments, economist Deshal de Mel ‘demystifies’ how the economy works for the average citizen thereby putting things into perspective.
The series can be viewed on BLERD’s official website and their Facebook page.