E Wings Foreign Education Centre, is an academic collective of experienced and skilled individuals who have a passion towards bridging the gap between what a student has and where the student should ideally go. Though the concept be simple; the task of finding the ideal location, university, course and living facilities within the Student’s skill, budget and capability and making sure that all ends tie up in to a pleasant and rewarding experience for all, is what is considered integral at E Wings. All services come at an affordable and competitive range as E Wings Foreign Education Centre works according to the budget of the students, and advise students on what they lack, or which criteria they have failed to validate.

E Wings Foreign Education Centre has been operating out of an information office space in Pagoda Road, Nugegoda, whilst coordinating classes in various other locations for the students who enrol with them – which will continue to operate as an information office. For ease of service, and in lieu of further synchronization of all areas of learning and to offer further access convenience to students and parents, E Wings Foreign Education Centre has now set up a new head office in Sri Sambuddhathva Jayanthi Mandiraya in Thunmulla, where all their operations would be managed and conducted under one roof.
The Directors and founders, Vindya Dissanayake and Irasha Dissanayaka have prior experience in career counselling and have a combined experience of over 10 years. They have worked extensively in the field of career path analysis and management. They focus keenly on transparency. Necessary follow ups are maintained with students after they leave overseas.

Commenting at the opening of its head office, Director of E Wings Foreign Education Centre, Vindya Dissanayake said, “Parents and students are very insecure of such career advisory companies as such and are still sceptical – this is a constant and significant challenge E Wings Foreign Education Centre need to deal with. Yet, there is still an enormous demand for students wanting to go overseas to pursue their higher students due to the limitation of local educational institutes, high entry criteria, and limited entry opportunities and limited specialised higher education. Eg: if a student has completed only O/L, there are more opportunities/ avenues for students to be eligible to follow a degree”.

Due to stigma the industry possesses and some of the institutions that are not transparent, the field goes through a lot of scrutiny, suspicion and doubt. “Trust is vital for a business like ours. As it’s not essentially a business but a service we are providing. The parents have to trust our judgements in finding a suitable institution for their children. Currently the industry is so stained that we completely understand as to why parents are reluctant to partner with us”.