(L-R) AIA CEO Pankaj Banerjee, Bill Lisle, the Regional CEO of AIA and AIA Chief Marketing Officer Nikhil Advani

AIA Insurance is looking at tailoring their premiums based on the vitality levels of customers in future, AIA CEO Pankaj Banerjee said recently.

He said this at a recent press briefing to promote the AIA Vitality app which was launched in January. The AIA Vitality app will monitor the improvement of an individual’s health and reward that particular person with redeemable points.

According to him, there has been an overwhelming response from Sri Lankans towards this mobile application which rewards its users based on their achievements.

“We strive to change how insurance is perceived,” Banerjee said, claiming that people typically associate insurance with death and disasters.

He said that through this app, they hope to reach out to their customers and potentially everyone else as a friend who is encouraging them to live a healthier life.

He said that currently there isn’t a culture of investing in insurance in Sri Lanka and the penetration remained low at around 23-24% in terms of policies per household.

Demonstrating the app, AIA Chief Marketing Officer Nikhil Advani said that PickMe, zMessenger, and EAP movies have currently come on board as partners in rewarding the app users. He said that AIA was currently in talks with more potential partners including hotels, restaurants, gyms and pharmacies.

The Vitality app comes with no strings attached. The program is open to all who wish to be a part of it and lead a healthier lifestyle. In the 15 days following its launch, over 3000 people have downloaded the Vitality app according to Advani.