Aries (Mesha)
You are prone to infectious diseases in particular and are advised to take preventive measures.  You will develop a religious and philosophical bent with Saturn beginning his transit in Sagittarius falling in your 9th House.  A change in employment for the better or a rise in career is on the cards.  An increase in your income is in store.Venus exalted in the 12th House imbues you with a pragmatic outlook, altruistic disposition and a keen perception.

Leo (Simha)
A decline in health and income and troubles from enemies are on the cards. Venus exalted in the 8th House wards off the threat to life posed by Mars in the same house.  Problems relating to children could arise. However, sudden wealth and prosperity are in store for natives with a strong Saturn at birth. Natives holding high executive or political office can look forward to enhanced power and authority.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Highly favourable Sun-Mercury combination in the 2nd House can bring you increased wealth, success and high achievements. The favourable time continues with Venus gaining exalted status in your 4th quadrant. You have technically entered the mid-phase of the Lagna Shani Erashtaka with Saturn beginning transitin your Lagna from January 26. However, Shani Erashtaka is not severe on Sagittarius natives.

Taurus (Vrushabha)
You are likely to develop aches and pains in body joints. Problems at the workplace and those affecting your career may arise. An increase in income and the pleasure of the company of friends are held out by an exalted Venus in the 11th House. You have come under the malefic effect of Ashtamaya Shani Erashtaka with Saturn moving into your 8th House.

Virgo (Kanya)
Wealth from foreign sources strongly indicated. Success in studies and enhanced living comforts are a possibility due to Saturn moving into your 4th House. Lagnadhipati Mercury now in the 5th House conjunct with the Sun is favourable for those engaged in literary activity. Rahu in the 12th House continues to place your life and reputation at risk. Enhanced living comforts indicated.

Capricorn (Makara)
You have come under the Lagna Shani Erashtaka technically with Saturn beginning transit in 12th House. However, Saturn being your Lagnadhipati the adverse effect of it on you will be minimal. Sun in the Lagna imbues you with a new surge of energy and drive.  Perhaps you might face new challenges. The ongoing period is very inauspicious for those running the Rahu Maha Dasa.

Gemini (Mithuna)
Saturn in your 7th House holds out gains from the spouse. Foreign trade and literary activity will bring enhanced gains. You are likely to take bold steps regarding your career. Enhanced living comforts, happiness in the family and peace of mind are indicated. A pilgrimage or a distant journey is strongly indicated. Enhanced power, influence and authority are in the offing for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa.

Libra (Thula)
Lagnadhipati Venus exalted in the 6th House brings you wealth and happiness. Success in contests and competitions, a whip hand over enemies and rivals and enhanced power and authority are indicated. Saturn now transiting in your 3rd House places you in a position of strength which enables you to overcome obstacles and bring your plans to fruition. Studies are likely to get disrupted.

Aquarius (Kumbha)
High spending on promoting good causes indicated. However, financial position will take an upward turn. With Lagnadhipati Saturn in your 11th House if you are engaged in mining activity you might strike pay dirt. Mars now in the 2nd House is a warning for you to guard your tongue – not to say things that could hurt others. You are prone to skin diseases.

Cancer (Kataka)
A week marred by anxiety and mental unrest is ahead of you. Therefore, you are advised to cultivate mindfulness and act in all matters with foresight.  Prosperity, wealth and higher status are on the cards with exalted Venus in the 9th Bhagyasthana. Events that could adversely affect your marital happiness and peace and harmony in the family are persisting.

Scorpio (Vrushika)
Disharmony in the family and marital problems are indicated for natives with a weak Ketu at birth. Recognition for academic, literary and scientific efforts are in the offing. You are now relieved of the worst phase of Lagna Shani Erashtaka with Saturn having moved into Sagittarius in your 2nd House. You can look forward to enhanced power and authority thanks to a strong Sun in the 3rd House.

Pisces (Meena)
A happy time holding out the bliss of love and romance or matrimony is ahead. A rise in career and even gainful foreign travel are likely if Saturn at birth is strong.  Mars in the Lagna makes you more proactive and vigorous while Venus now conjunct with it imbues you with a positive outlook and cheerful disposition.Time ahead is favourable for exploring new income sources.