He is a tech geek who, at one point in his career went to any length to get hold of the latest mobile phone or electronic gadget before it even entered the local market. But today, he is invited by mobile phone companies and network providers when they launch new products.

Today, Chanux Bro is a household name among the tech savvy young because of his ‘Geek Show’ segments on YouTube and he prefers to be identified by that name. This 24-year-old youth is an undergraduate in Information Technology and is in his final year. But his love for electronic gadgets and software programming was instilled in him during his school days.

“I used to buy any new phone as soon as it came to the market. I buy them and check out the features and brief my friends about it,” he said.geek (2)

Today he has a huge following on social media who eagerly await his reviews on the latest gadgets in the market ranging from mobile phones to 3D printers.

In fact, he is the first ever to host a YouTube programme to educate the people on the latest gadgets and their features, becoming Sri Lanka’s own first ever Geek.

It all started when he created his own YouTube channel in 2008. But it was created for a different reason. “I created it to upload some of my musical compositions,” he said.

However, his love towards IT-related subjects prompted him to make educative videos on the basics of how to create web pages and mobile phone applications.

“There was no one doing an entire series on such subjects in the country. This series gave the recognition ‘Chanux Bro’ needed,” he said. However, he had to discontinue the series due to work and studies.

In 2014 he once again made a re-entry through YouTube, this time by reviewing electronic gadgets. “This has a wider reach than any other subject because people are always looking for the best quality phones. They want to know which one is best. Sadly, there was no way people can get this kind of information,” he added.

Chanux took it upon himself to share with the people what he knows about electronic gadgets. “The feedback was massive. I used to upload three videos per week, but now it has come to a point where I have to upload a video on a daily basis,” he said.
He is passionate about what he does and says young people should make use of the internet to share useful knowledge.
“I want my review to be uploaded simultaneously with the first foreign reviews. I make sure I get the phone before everyone else does in Sri Lanka. I want to be the first person to review it,” he said. That is how passionate he is about what he does.

His segments are presented in Sinhala. “The reason I chose to present it in Sinhala is because I need to reach out to the ordinary man. Almost all of us use electronic gadgets. But many at grass-roots level do not understand English. Even those who know English will feel more comfortable with a review related in their mother tongue,” he added.

Today there are many others following in the footsteps of Chanux Bro in terms of providing useful information and tips on the latest gadgets in the market.

He said that his concept had reached many parts of the island including the North and the East. “There are many young boys in the North who are like me and are passionate about sharing knowledge. They send me their videos in order to get my suggestions on technical aspects. I check their videos and help them in whatever way I can,” he said.

How much does it cost to create a YouTube video? “It is very simple,” says Chanux. “All you need is a phone that has a good quality camera and microphone. You can just film yourself and upload it. I started off like that. Now I use other specialized equipment to develop better quality video for my segments. But you do not need much of an investment,” he added.

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