This is regarding the incident where the DeputyMinister Ranjan Ramanayake has shouted at a Divisional Secretary. We do not say what Ranjan Ramanayake has done is correct.

Ranjan Ramanayake has gone there with the good intention of helping people of that area. He has done his duty. There are problems all over the country. In most of the cases, these problems are due to the negligence of government officers.

I very often go to government offices to get various things done. I have to treat the government officers like gods to get anything done. Sometimes they are not available. Sometimes they are on leave. Sometimes they are on short leave. Sometimes they are having lunch. Sometimes they are having tea. Sometimes they are on the phone for something private. Sometimes the file is missing. Sometimes the boss is not there to get the signature. Sometimes there is a birthday party or a send-off party. After attending to all these work only that they try do our work.

They never reply to our letters. Most of the time funds are not available. Vacancies are not filled. We have to go to them on several days to get a small job done.

If we know one of them or if they are related to us the job will be done fairly easily. Or if you can give a gift also the job will be done quickly. If the off-time is 5pm, by 4.30 most of them are ready to go.

If the on-time is 8.30am, they start work at 9am. Till that time they will have breakfast. They spend 25 percent of their time, chatting on private matters.

Under these circumstances, we think that Minister Ranjan Ramanayake need not apologize to anyone.

Actually it should be the other way. Those people who have neglected their work should apologize to the Deputy Minister.

D. Weeratunga