Bikes are fast becoming popular as the most efficient mode of transport due to the ever increasing traffic congestions in the cities. Motorbikes are economical and convenient and take you faster from point A to B because they’re also compact and don’t take much space on the road. A downside of motorbikes however would be that they are not allowed on Sri Lankan highways just yet.

According to, Yamaha’s FZ-10, Yamaha SCR950, Suzuki KX250F, Suzuki SV650, BMW R1200GS Adventure Triple Black, Kawasaki Z125 Pro and Moto Guzzi MGX- 21 are some of the most anticipated bikes this year and they range between $7,500 to $22,000 in prices. A common feature of these smartly designed motorcycles would be that they’re fairly easy to ride, with better chassis and suspension, increased ergonomics and superior power compared to most of their predecessors.