I was watching a TV interview of a New Zealand Doctor on Derana TV channel  He is a Sri Lankan who has migrated to New Zealand.
The TV announcer asked the doctor what is the difference he has noticed in the medical system in Sri Lanka and Nez Zealand. The answer the doctor gave was as follows: In Sri Lanka, the doctor is treated as a god. In New Zealand, the patient is treated as a god.
There is a lot we can learn from this statement.When we go to a government hospital or a private hospital, we can see all the hospital employees go after doctors like devotees going after gods.

Patients are not important for them. Some doctors never come in time. Sometimes they shout at patients.They do not explain the required details to the patient.

They are reluctant to answer questions of patients.They keep the patients waiting on the corridors for hours.Their charges are not reasonable.

Sometimes they are not sympathetic, kind and compassionate to patients. They are always worried about their comforts. They never think about the inconvenience caused to patients.
We hope this position will change.