“Clothes mean nothing until
someone lives in them.”
~Marc Jacobs

Rise and shine señoras!
How is 2017 treating all you ladies? It’s been quite an eventful 2016, what about 2017? Ready to party and chill out a bit. All these graduation parties, birthdays, weddings, dinner dances, proms and clubbing and the whole works, must be quite a lot to handle.

Well anyhow we need to figure out how to choose the best outfit for all these events we need to be a part of.

There are few things you need to consider;
1. Place
2. Time
3. Function
4. Body shape
5. Your likeness

We’ve discussed this body shape factor in a previous edition of FIT OUT, but we will touch on it a little for your benefit and convenience. You need to tone down or up your outfit depending on the place you have the function. Time factor comes in with the colour choices you make for your attire and jewellery. Your likeness is important since your confidence depends on how you like yourself. But it would be highly positive if you like yourself when all your curves are highlighted decently and you don’t look like a hot mess. Isn’t it truly beautiful when less is more?

We will look at few types of attire and then classify it according to the function. I will try my best to do justice to all possible body types.

High waist skirt and blouse
This could be colour matched according to the time of the event. The top could be a crop top if you are more on the skinny side, a blouse tucked in or just up to your waist where the skirt is worn to would be great if you are a chubby girl. This could be worn for dinner parties, birthday parties and tea parties. With some statement jewellery you could wear it to a graduation party or office parties too.

This can be worn by any body type. This would be ideal for an office party with the top board, because it looks professional and elegant too. This could also be worn to attend fashion shows, musical shows and any public event where you have to look professional but sexy and elegant.

Flowy beach dress
As the name suggests this could be worn to a beach party and it could be see through and you could wear your swim wear underneath. This is also wonderful for a pool party. A tall and slender figure can go for a long dress easily but for petite ladies, you could always alter the dress and look fabulous.

Well of course, being in Sri Lanka most of us wear sarees for weddings. It is gorgeous and almost every woman looks good in saree. Make it simple and not too bling, that’s the key to give the look of elegance, you would get with a dress. Sarees can be worn for your graduation and weddings. Choose silvery white colours, red and blue for day times. You could with rock black, gold and red for nights. Any colour would do for day times but make sure it suits your body colour. If your saree is burdened with bling, then go for less jewellery.

Long glam dress
The one Lilly Collin is wearing in the pictures portrayed. You could go for a simple but gorgeous prom dress! Or this could be worn for a ball or dinner dance. Go for minimal jewellery and have a nice hairstyle. You would look like a queen.

Short dresses
This could be worn by any sized girl. You can with the colour that suits you. Ashley Graham is a plus-sized model and looks fab in the blue short dress. Short dresses could be worn to birthdays, weddings, dinners, graduations and high calibre events.

Accessories and hair
The key is less jewellery if the attire is flashy and glistening, so that elegance is brought out. Carry a sling bag or clutch for events. Go to a salon to do your hair and get a hairstyle done so you look fabulous. Keeping your hair loose is not a hairstyle ladies, I know you guys tend to do that, but you need to style it for events to look neater. If you want it loose, then style it accordingly.

Listen up señoras, the most important factor here is not what you wear. It is how you live in your clothes as the quote at the beginning goes. Be confident and give life to your attire. It will make you stand out. Most of the images we see on the web are taken by high quality cameras and as now you can see there are many photography companies in Sri Lanka which cover events the same way. Even though you may think the celebs look fab and you don’t, trust me we are all humans and we all have our flaws. So keep your head held high and walk that red carpet.
PS – I’ve included more pictures and fewer descriptions for you ladies to get the inspiration and idea I’m describing about. I can elaborate more on different types of dresses another week according to the feedback I get.
Enjoy the weekend, hustle harder during the week.

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