Mathews’ gutsy performance

Angelo Mathews led the Sri Lankan cricket team to a much needed victory against the South Africans. After losing the first of the three T20s a couple of days prior, Sri Lanka bowled the opposition out for 113, with Sandakan bagging four wickets.
Sri Lanka’s batting didn’t start off without a hitch. Captain Mathews lost partner after partner as he made his gutsy 54. Unfortunately he suffered an ankle injury while batting and along with others has been ruled out of action for most of the remaining matches on tour with five ODIs on the cards.

The victory, while a testament to Mathews’ batting, wasn’t as triumphant as it could have been as the Sri Lankan side had more experience than the South African team which featured many newcomers especially in its bowling ranks. However, it can be hoped that the visitors can settle down in the conditions of South Africa and improve in the rest of the series. Mathews will be heading home along with Nuwan Pradeep and Danushka Gunathilaka, with vice captain Dinesh Chandimal set to captain the side in the final T20. Sri Lanka will announce their ODI squad soon.


Star Wars VIII posters released

The next movie in the Star Wars franchise, that for the most part follows the lives of the Skywalker family saga in a galaxy far far away, was pushed months past its initial release date of May to come out in December. But the movie finally has a title.

The team released a poster across their social media accounts that revealed the name ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. Speculation had already begun with regards to what will happen in this movie after director Rian Johnson confirmed that the movie will begin precisely where the previous one left off – with Rey standing on a cliff offering a lightsabre to Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Johnson said that the movie would concentrate on their relationship and in that light it’s easy to say that the last Jedi will be Luke as the Jedi he was training was murdered by Kylo Ren.

Fans have expressed hopes of redemption for Kylo, while others have been happy to see a villain that is making their journey to the dark side, as opposed to the original main villain Darth Vader whom we see as a fully-fledged Sith Lord. Some have hopes that Leia, Luke’s twin sister, will be revealed to be a force user or will at least have more impact on the Sequel Trilogy, as it has come to be known. As the trailer comes out in a few months, the details will start to take shape regarding this new story.



Richard Spencer punched in the face

Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook have been inundated with posts about the recent changeover of administration in America, as people around the world have been opposed and others adamantly in favour. These came across in some posts that went viral on-line, one of a video of white supremacist Richard Spencer being punched in the face. He was explaining why he was wearing a pepe frog, a popular meme, clip on his shirt. The clip was remixed with songs as an accompaniment, from funny songs to serious ones.

A debate about the ethics of punching an opponent was carried out hotly on Twitter, while the clip was remixed with cartoons like Rick and Morty and edited into clips featuring comic book movies like Captain America and the like. A picture of Sean Spicer, white house press secretary was also circulated widely with many funny captions. Celebrities shared it as well with captions that referenced both the serious as well as trivial and funny statements presented as the truth, such as that the Star Wars prequels were masterpieces of cinema.



The Women’s March on Washington

On January 21, over five million women worldwide and over one million in Washington, D.C., came to the march. The Women’s March was one of the most talked about events on social media in the last week, with many sharing signs and pictures of the women, men and children who took part in the march. Marches happened across the world and many celebrities turned out to support the cause as well with some speaking.

Some women were dressed as suffragettes, and many had amusing signs. Some on social media had criticisms and the march sparked many debates online.

Some museums have started collecting the signs and the impact that the march had, led some to say that the physical marching was still more important that the impact of social media.